Three Quick Reasons to Utilize Facebook's Instant Articles

Facebook announced several key product updates at F8 this week. From chatbots to VR (virtual reality) cameras, I was particularly excited by the launch of Facebook’s Instant Articles for all publishers.

I know, I’m probably the only digital strategist more excited by a publishing announcement than a VR camera. Blame it on the creative writer in me.

Instant Articles allows publishers of all sizes to release and share longform, designed content within the platform. So publishers, including brands and organizations, won’t have to rely as heavily on perfecting website speed or driving traffic to a blog post.

Here are three quick reasons to utilize Facebook’s Instant Articles:  

  1. Instant Articles will load ten times faster than web pages on a mobile device. That means less waiting for a site to load while you’re browsing Facebook in line at the grocery store.

  2. Based on data from Facebook, Instant Articles receive 20% more reads than outside content.

  3. Readers are 70% less likely to abandon an Instant Article than a regular web article.

For more on Instant Articles, including a place to sign up, visit Facebook’s blog. How do you plan to use Instant Articles? Share with me on Twitter!

Natalie Andreas