The Top 3 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes You're Still Making

You've been on LinkedIn a few years - maybe even a decade. You log in from time to time to get a break from the craziness on Facebook. Perhaps you reach out to your contacts or post a job update, illustrating your expertise or portfolio. Sounds good, right?

When I work with clients on updating their LinkedIn profile, I rarely tell them to post more often or share more information. My top discussion points tend to be the various mistakes - or missed opportunities - made on the platform. Here are my top three:

1.  Your profile picture is a car selfie

Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a seat belt strap across the torso of a professional on LinkedIn. Unless you're a car salesperson, have a friend or colleague take a basic picture of you from the shoulders up. 

2.  Your "Summary" section reads like a purpose statement or professional objective from your resume. 

Allow the "Summary" section of your LinkedIn profile to showcase your personality and a few "teasers" of your experience. It may be the only content someone reads, so make it count. 

3. Your LinkedIn inbox is overflowing with connection requests and messages. 

If you're active on more than one social media platform, adding in messages from LinkedIn can feel superfluous. But these ignored messages are likely not an invitation to play Candy Crush Saga. They may be potential job opportunities, clients or new contacts.

True story: I've encountered several career-changing moments specifically through LinkedIn. 

Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Let me know in the comments below. Happy LinkedIn-ing!






Natalie AndreasComment