To Do: 5 Social Media Profile Fixes in 5 Minutes or Less

Fun fact: Most communications professionals are active on at least two social media platforms.

Whether you're into tweeting rants about The Walking Dead or simply enjoy posting selfies to Facebook, it's difficult to make sure each social media channel represents you and your personal brand well. At its core, social media is meant to be fun, right? Absolutely. 

But as communications professionals, social media also acts as a digital calling card to potential employers, clients and our greater network in general. The problem? We're all busy! 

With that in mind, I complied my top five social media profile fixes that take five minutes or less to implement. Here we go: 

Minute 1:.  Update your bio.

Take a minute and switch up the language on one or more of your social media bios. Add in a new interest or even spice up the current copy with an emoji or punchy adjective.

Minute 2: Follow two new people. 

Log in to a selected social network and follow two completely new people. Love fashion and beauty? Follow a few new influencers or brands on Instagram. Go crazy for self-help? Follow your favorite author on Twitter or Facebook. Do this 1-2 times a month to keep your social media channels fresh and interesting to the most important user - YOU.

Minute 3: Mix in a new hashtag.

Some hashtags are just tired and overdone. If you've tagged #yolo until your fingers feel numb, it's time to mix in a new hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. Need inspiration? Check out to see what the cool kids are doing. Then use what feels right to you.

Minute 4: Think of a live video idea. 

Live video stands out as the major trend of 2016. But it's not a medium to jump into lightly. Platforms such as Facebook Live and Snapchat now store live videos for a set amount of time. So, plan ahead for a better future live experience. Take a minute and jot down a few ideas for a live video. Then bring it up in your next marketing meeting (or post it yourself!)

Minute 5: Link to evergreen content. 

Take 30 seconds to look over your personal blog or social media accounts. Have you linked to something awesome you accomplished lately? If not, take the second 30 seconds to post a link to a previous "win." Avoid the humblebrag and go for gold by being direct and to the point. 

Time's up! 

What quick social media fixes do you love or recommend? Tweet them to me @nataliebid



Natalie Andreas