Do law firms need digital marketing?

I've had the privilege of working with several dozen law firms over the course of my career. From corporate law to personal injury attorneys, most legal industry clients have a similar question at the beginning of our relationship:

Do I really need digital marketing? 

It's a fair question. After all, legal firm clients typically won't sign a retainer agreement due to a Facebook post or set of tweets. Legal retainer agreements require time, expertise and a personal relationship. I get it. But here's a question I ask prospective clients in the legal industry:

How do you currently gain new clients?

Most of the time, the response is: "Our reputation and through referrals."

Absolutely. To which I reply:

What if we could double the power of your reputation and referrals?

Digital marketing for law firms isn't primarily about gaining new clients. Its focus should be finessing an already stellar reputation through quality content, dynamic announcements and sophisticated industry monitoring. 

If you're an attorney or work for a law firm, let's chat. I'd be glad to send over my top three digital marketing tips for legal firms - free of charge.

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Natalie Andreas