Notes from Austin Community College's Spring Development Day

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Thank you to all who attended my “Screenager Classroom Engagement Tactics" workshop at Austin Community College's "Spring Development Day" today!

It was a pleasure to meet new faces and engage in conversation around utilizing Instagram and Snapchat in classroom activities. 

 Here are a few takeaways from today's session:

  • We discussed the three most popular platforms/apps used by "screenagers" today: Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Although Facebook has the highest userbase, they also have the lowest DAU (daily active user) count, since "Mom's now on Facebook."
  • I recommend using Snapchat and Instagram to host in-class Q&A exercises and group discussions. Create a "Professor Smith" account to establish a clear boundary between in-class activities and your own personal account. 
  • Consider creating a "Social Media Classroom Code of Conduct" contract or guideline sheet for students to sign. This will encourage a sense of responsibility in using a "fun" app for classwork. Here's an example of a social media guideline/code of conduct that's worked well for my clients in the past
  • Remember, always get the proper permissions before starting any activity involving social media in the classroom. Depending on your role and the age of your students, this could look like gaining approval from a department head or requiring written parental consent. 

Again, thanks to all attendees today! If you couldn't make the session, or are interested in having me present to your group or organization, feel free to contact me to chat about a collaboration. 

Natalie Andreas