Episode 3 | Unexpected Hard Moments of New Parenthood

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Thanks for tuning into the third episode of "The New Parent Collective!" This week we're chatting about three unexpected hard moments of new parenthood.  Listen in by clicking below or finding the show on iTunes! 

Here are the moments I shared:

1. Birth Experience. My unplanned c-section really took a toll on me and my husband - until I realized that it was the exact right choice to get my baby into the world! No matter how your child entered the world, it was the right way!

2. Sleep Deprivation. This term gets bandied about so much that I ignored it. I didn't anticipate how sleep deprivation would make me feel mentally unhinged. My lesson here? Ask for help in the areas you need it. Moms: Focus on the baby and rest. Partners/families/friends: support the new mom in your life by doing chores, cleaning house and running errands. 

3. The "I'm a terrible parent complex." People mean well (most of the time), but take all advice with a giant grain of salt - especially if people in your life are ONLY sharing how wonderful new parenthood was for them.  

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