Episode 2 | Screaming and Soothing: 10 Ways I Calmed My Newborn (+ What Didn't Work)

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Thank you to all who have listened to the podcast thus far! I’ve been overwhelmed with the interest and response. Did you like our first two episodes? How about giving us a review on iTunes?

This week, we’re talking all things “Screaming and Soothing: 10 Ways I Calmed My Newborn + What Didn’t Work.”

I shared a TON of specifics in this episode, so feel free to peruse the links below. As always, remember to check with your pediatrician with implementing anything new with your baby.

*I’m NOT an expert and this is NOT medical advice. These are the tactics that simply worked for ME.*

Here are the products and resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Ziggy Baby Swaddle - Until my baby was around 3 months (and rolling), I swaddled her with arms in and straight down - like a little straight jacket!

  2. The Swivel/Glider/Recliner from Pottery Barn Kids and the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing - Both provide a smooth range of motion that mimics rocking!

  3. Dohm White Noise Machine - I actually have TWO of these in our nursery. 

  4. The Happiest Baby on the Block - This book recommends soothing techniques called the “5 S’s.” They really worked for me, especially when “layering” them one-by-one.

  5. Nicetown Blackout Curtains - There are so many options when selecting blackout curtains, but these are the ones I purchased on Amazon.

  6. Graco ClickConnect Travel System - I can't find the actual model we purchased, but we went with a ClickConnect system to easily pop baby into the car and stroller without having to undo a bunch of straps!

  7. Windi the Gasspasser - Up it goes for instant gas relief! 

  8.  Mommy's Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops - This probiotic keeps our baby “regular.” (Again, CHECK with your pediatrician and get her approval first.)

  9. The Wubbanub pacifier - I actually bought two, so our baby has an option after it eventually falls on the floor (again and again!)

  10. The Ingenuity Bouncer and Summer Infant Soothe Portable Soother  - The Beach Boys song I mentioned? Yeah, it’s "GOOD Vibrations," not “Smooth Vibrations.” Ha! Either way, I've linked to the vibrating tools that best soothed our baby. 

Again, thanks so much for listening! Feel free to share your own soothing techniques on my social media posts or via email: natalie@natalieandreas.com.

See you next week!

Natalie Andreas