Introducing "The New Parent Collective" Podcast!


Welcome all to the very first episode of my new podcast, The New Parent Collective!

Feel free to tune into the first episode my clicking below. It's also available on Soundcloud and will be on iTunes and Stitcher soon! 

This inaugural episode covers my top five "lessons learned" as a new parent:

1. Not allowing my baby to be bathed by hospital staff (!!!)

2. Focusing too much on "cute" nursery items instead of staying practical.

3. Delivering incognito at the hospital. 

4. Not leaving the house with my baby.

5. Waiting WAY too long to ask for help! In the episode I phrase it as "hiring help," but in truth I didn't ask for help at all. Big mistake! Ask for HELP!

In future episodes, we'll chat about things I got right, unexpected moments of new parenthood and more!

Interested in submitting a topic idea or potential guest? Feel free to email me via 

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